Healthy elderflower cordial❤️

I’ve wanted to make elderflower cordial for like forever, but have always been concerned about the amount of sugar that’s used. So I finally had a go and made up my own honey-based brew. This stuff is so healthy, it’s practically medicinal🍯😊

Elderflower has traditionally been used against colds, flu, bronchitis, and as a diuretic. So have a try!


2l boiling water

30 elderflower stems (but a few of these were quite small so let’s say 20 big ones)

400g liquid honey

Juice rind, and skins of 2 lemons


Pick the elderflower stems. Pick out any bugs but don’t wash them as that removes the pollen which is what gives the cordial its flavour. Remove as much of the stem as possible as this makes the cordial bitter.

Add to a big metal or glass bowl with the remainder of the ingredients, stir to combine, and leave to steep overnight.

After 24 hours, strain and put in sterilized glass containers for use. I’m going to experiment with letting it reduce for a thicker consistency at that point – will report back here. Enjoy with sparkling water of wine…

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