Healthy lime & orange marmalade

I went to the local Monday Market today (one of my favourite things about my home town) and found 10 limes for €1! Couldn’t resist those, so I bought them with the thought of making marmalade. I wouldn’t touch supermarket brands with a barge pole but I’ve always loved tasting homemade marmalade at B&B’s… So many complex recipes online! I browsed through many and decided to chance it and make my own with some leftover oranges too. The result is divine! I love the pieces of rind particularly. Warning: make this when you can be around the kitchen for 40 mins…


600g orange and lime juice and pulp (I used 10 limes and 2 large oranges, but I’m sure you can vary the quantities) plus the rind of half of those, peeled off the fruit with a veg peeler and sliced finely (I used scissors)

500ml water

300g liquid honey

50g raw cane sugar

1 tbsp pectin (I use pec plus)


First, peel the citrus fruits so you don’t take any of the white flesh, and slice the rind into fine slices.

Then juice the fruit and put all the ingredients into a large pot. Stir so the pectin combines with the rest.

Bring to the boil and then leave to bubble for 40 minutes. When the temperature reaches 104C, your mix is ready to set.

Leave to set in the pot for an hour or so (so the rind can set where it is and not all float to the surface) and then move to sterilized jars. This will keep for a year… But it won’t!

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