Oreo covered energy balls

Part 2 of my prep for my son’s return to school…. Energy balls, with healthy fats, protein, carbs… Can’t go wrong and keeps my kid going from the end of school till dinner time. Again, to coax my child to try them, I added a oreo crumb. He loves them. These are easy to make, though I think it’s easier in a vitamix rather than a regular mixer. You’ll have a smoother finish. These are calorie bombs so enjoy in moderation.


40g pecans

40g almonds

150g dates

45g coconut flakes

30g raw cacao

5g protein powder

5g probiotics

5g flax seed

Two scoops peanut butter

Pinch of salt and vanilla

Crumbled oreos


Put everything together in the vitamin and blend until smooth. Then make small balls of the mix and roll them in the oreo crumb. Enjoy!


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